ION Techniques is a leading service provider that offers a wide range of comprehensive and professional STP or Sewage Treatment Plant solutions to industries, commercial and residential projects. Removing contaminants, pollutants, and chemical residues from domestic waste, industrial waste, and organic waste has become an essential process to protect our environment and water bodies.

Implementation of Sewage treatment plant solutions has become significantly important worldwide. India, the second-largest populated country globally, has realized the seriousness of treating sewage water before letting it out into the water bodies. As a result, the government of India has decided to make available various offers, government subsidies, and incentives to set up such Sewage Treatment Plants in commercial, industrial and residential sectors.

ION techniques pledge to stand beside the nation to tackle the issue of water contamination, water treatment using its expertise and provide world-class services to its clients.

How does a Sewage Treatment Plant work?

Sewage treatment is a mechanism of removing contaminants & hazardous residues from wastewater implementing a chemical, biological, physical, and organic process to ensure the treated water is suitable to be let out for other purposes meeting the pollution control board standards. Further, if necessary, ION techniques also offer Effluent Treatment solutions according to the requirements of the industry or sector.

  • Physical treatment comprises the use of tanks and other civil works.
  • Mechanical treatment comprises the use of the machine and other spares.
  • Biological treatment plays a critical role in the sewage water treatment process, which is working by potential bacteria culture.
  • Finally, Chemical treatment works for polishing and other quality parameters.
The aftermath of the above process is partially solid waste, semi-slimy residues, which further goes through treatment. We at ION Techniques perfectly understand the alarming increase in industrial waste and sewage waste. Thus we have some highly effective and time-tested techniques and technology in place.

Technology in place by ION Techniques

We provide fully automated solutions

  • Collection
We thoroughly understand the customer needs and analyze the peak load and design our plants. This is the main reason for us to achieve 100% success rate and Zero Failure plants for the past 40 years.

  • UASBR – Consistent Performance around the clock for decades

Converting Waste into Energy – Gas generation from UASBR

DAF – Indigenous developed DAF with low power consumption

Treatment Methods – Type of Reactors

  • Beta PlusTM with fixed media (SAFF / FBBR)
  • Alfa PlusTM with floating media (MBBR) - Media with high surface area induced from Japan Technology
  • Sequence Batch Reactor (SBR) – Less footprint
  • Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR) – Extensive Life Expectancy up to 15 years
  • Electric Reactor
  • Chemical Reactor – Nano Silver Technology
  • Aeration System – For increasing the dissolved oxygen ppm
  • Radial Jet Aerator – Modular
  • Jet Aerator – 100% Noise Free
  • PSF & ACF – Flui-FlitTM – Innovative depth filtration
  • MF – Durable and Long life up to 10 years
  • RO - Robust
  • High Rate Sludge Digester – Reduce your Sludge volume by 40%
  • Sludge Compactor – Reduction of Liquid Sludge up to 80% on volume
  • Chlorinator – Low cost and High Effective generation